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Specify the input columns you want to process by selecting them in the drop-down menus.

The following input columns are available:


Specify the column that contains company and/or organization names.
Address Line 1 - Address Line 8
Specify the column(s) that contain address information.
Dbl-Dep Locality
Double-Dependent Locality. An area or village (e.g. UK) within a Dependent Locality required to identify an address.
Dep Locality
Dependent Locality. A district, area, or neighborhood (e.g. Turkey) within a Locality required to identify an address.
A city (e.g. US), town, or municipality (e.g. Canada) that is the most common population center element within an Administrative Area.
Sub-Admin Area
A county (e.g. US) or region larger than the Locality but smaller than the Administrative Area.
Admin Area
A state (e.g. US), province (e.g. Canada) or canton (e.g. Switzerland) contained within a Country.
Postal Code
The postal code or ZIP code (e.g. US) for the input address.
Sub-Natl Area
Sub-National Area. Not commonly used. An arbitrary region smaller than a Country but larger than an Administrative Area.
Country name or code of the input address.