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How To Set Your License Key?

Set Your Environment Variable For Windows

Set Your Environment Variable For Linux

What type of support do you offer?

Technical support is always free, as are the frequent updates, and many online resources found on our website.

How many tables can I process at the same time?

The Profiler will take one table at time but you can merge tables or call multiple instances of the Profile object to process multiple files.

How can I incrementally profile records?

When you call AddRecord() the result codes will be immediately available for evaluation which allows you to make decisions at the point of entry.

Do you offer any frequencies analysis?

Yes, take a look at the Iterators section.

I am unable to pass in a NULL in C#?

The NULL will be lost before in the wrapper before it gets to the Profiler library. If you want a null for a particular value, you may call SetColumnNull(ColumnNameString) or simply not call the SetColumn funtion for that particular column and NULL will be automatically assigned.