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Component Settings are located under Tools > Melissa Data Settings > Components > MatchUp.

CZ MU ComponentSettings Menu.png


The On-Premise Settings dialog is where you enter the basic information required for the MatchUp Component to connect to the underlying Melissa Data libraries.

CZ MU ComponentSettings OnPremise.png

MatchUp Data Path
Enter the file path of the folder containing the data files used by the Melissa Data libraries. Alternately, click the folder button and browse to the folder.
MatchUp Work Path
Enter the path to the folder where MatchUp component will create temporary files. These files will be deleted automatically once the process is finished. If this path is not defined then these files will be generated, by default, in C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Local\Temp.

Show Details (On-Premise)

The Show Details screen returns basic information about the object libraries being used by MatchUp Component.

CZ MU ComponentSettings OnPremise ShowDetails.png

Displays any error messages generated by initializing the MatchUp Object.
Database Date
Displays the date of the MatchUp Object data files. This date confirms that the data files are the latest available.
Bulid Number
The current build number of the underlying MatchUp Component library.