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This tab maps which source column and its corresponding datatype will be used for each matchcode component.

CZ MU FieldMapping.png

Source Mapping

These are the mappings for the table used to provide the records to be deduped for output. For a single table process, this Source is required. You cannot configure the component with a single Input source mapped into the Lookup pin.

Lookup Mapping

These are the mappings for the table used as a filter when matched against Source records. The Options tab allows you to specify whether only the Source records matching the Lookup records (intersected) will be output, or whether these matches will be suppressed from the output. When there is only a single input source connected to the MatchUp Component, this section will not be visible.

Matchcode Data
For each component in a matchcode, this is the associated data type.
Input Column
For every matchcode component, you must map in the table column which will provide the data needed to compare records. You are only required to map one address line if the source contains a single address column.
Input Data Type
For each input column provided, an additional mapping is required to tell the component the format of the incoming data. This allows you to process tables in various formats without having to pre-parse input data to satisfy matchcode component datatypes. For example, a matchcode requiring a last name can receive a FullName, LastName, InverseName, etc. as inputs. The component will correctly parse and extract the input data needed to build the match key.