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The Options tab allows you to specify which of the available output results you want returned.

CZ MU Options.png

Output Columns

In addition to the source data, you will often want to output processing information about the disposition of a record. This allows you to analyze the results in a number of ways.

Result Codes
This field displays the results of the comparison, whether the record is unique or is a duplicate, was suppressed or intersected, which matchcode combination resulted in a match, etc. See the MatchUp Result Codes topic for a list of possible Result Codes that the component can return.
Dupe Group
Each group of matching records is assigned a sequential unique group number. This field displays the group number that the record, whether unique or a member of a duplicate grouping, is in.
Dupe Count
This field displays the number of matching records in each Dupe Group.
Matchcode Key
Based on the matchcode and matchcodes component used to process the source table(s), every record has a matchkey built. It is this key, a representation of the record, that is used in deduping. This field will be populated with the key and is useful in analyzing the output results.

Lookup Options

When a second upstream data source is connected to the Lookup pin, that data source will be used as a filter.

List Suppress
Source pin records that match any record from the Lookup Pin will not be returned with an Output Result Code. They will be marked as Suppressed.
List Intersect
Only Source pin records that match any record from the Lookup Pin will be returned with an Output Result Code (Unique or Has Duplicate result code). The second to nth Source records that match the Lookup record will be marked with a Duplicate Result Code. Source pin records that do not match any Lookup pin records will be returned with a Non-Intersected Result Code.
No Purge
Source pin records that match other Source pin records will not be matched. In other words, a suppressed group or an intersected group will be returned as suppressed or intersected, but each record will have their own Dupe Group number.